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Frank Caronna
Professional Surfer/Coach
With 0ver 25 years teaching/coaching experience and 40 years surfing I guarantee with Natural Surf Technique you will learn the best and correct techniques that will take your surfing to the next level faster and safer.
Ages 6 and up all equipment provided.

All lessons provide equipment and rates are based on one hour water time so you catch plenty of waves to work on technique. I accept cash, checks Venmo and credit cards. I can be reached at 310 977-2260 or by email at

One person
$125/hr and $160 1.5/hrs(Package of 5 $525)

2 person rates
$90/hr each person and $220 1.5 hrs.(package of 5 $425 each person)

3-4 person rates $75/hr

15% discount ($525) on Package of 5 and can be viewed in pricing section of website and currently not available to view through smart phone, but is available on computer till I can change or update my website and apologies for the inconvenience.

You can view filtered and non filtered reviews on yelp under Natural Surf Technique if interested in reading what others have had to say.(website navigation is currently only available on computers not smartphones, so please view on a laptop or computer until I can get a new site up and running and apologies for any inconvenience.)
My name is Frank Caronna and I�m a former professional surfer from Huntington Beach, California and the founder of Natural Surf Technique. Since 1989, I have been teaching private surf lessons and to-date have taught more than 20,000 students the art of surfing. I am now located and teach primarily in Santa Monica, California and occasionally coach in Huntington Beach. I also provide an extensive surf training trip in Costa Rica during December where I rent a beach house in Playa Grande(details are on trips page of website) and is a great value and worth the trip if you can make and want to get your surfing to the next level faster.

The techniques I teach are the same as many of the worlds top surfers use. On your first lesson, you will learn surf etiquette and the correct techniques to get you up and riding waves safely. I am a patient instructor and my forte is communicating the process in a way any beginning surfer can understand.

Teaching someone to surf goes beyond pushing someone them into whitewash and telling them to stand up. It's about talking them through each situation as it occurs, explaining what is happening and how to improve and get what you pay for and more. It's about catching plenty of waves, focusing on technique, and learning to conserve energy. This all requires an experienced teacher/surfer who can react quickly to keep you safe and calm at all times.

Whether you are learning to surf as a hobby or on vacation wanting to try something fun, Natural Surf Technique will deliver more than you might have expected with a world-class instructor.

All beginner lessons include Surftech soft-top surfboards and top-of-the-line wetsuits.
Lessons are scheduled during the best possible tides and surf so you will get the most out of your session. My website will teach you a little about surfing, safety and ocean awareness, but nothing compares to actually getting in the water and taking a few lessons with an experienced pro, waterman, and professional surf coach.

I started surfing at 11 and competing at 14 years-old. After performing well at most of the local surf events, I decided to compete in the National Scholastic Surfing Association (NSSA). The NSSA was very competitive and proved to be a great training ground for a professional surf career. I surfed NSSA events until I was 20, and after great showings in the Nationals, decided to turn professional. For eight years, I competed on the PSAA Pro Tour and was rated in the Top 50 for a few years before I decided to follow my calling: teaching. It hass been more than 20 years since I taught my first surf lesson and my love of teaching continues to grow.

I work very hard at my job and in hiring me, you will get nothing but the best from your lessons including safety, ocean knowledge and the best techniques used by the best surfers.
Surfing like most sports can be dangerous and you should always remember it doesn't take much to get hurt even on the smallest of waves. It is up to the student/surfer to pay attention at all times as even the most qualified instructors can not always keep accidents from happening and is advisable to have health insurance when participating in any sport.

Let's go surfing!

- Frank

Phone: (310) 977-2260 or email for more info on lessons, package deals and trips.
Resume and media:
  • City of Santa Monica permit to teach and coach surfing
  • CPR Certified
  • 30+ years surfing experience
  • 20+ years teaching/coaching surfing
  • Surfed Professionally 90-98 PSAA/U.S. Pro Tour(rated top 50)
  • HSS in Huntington beach -9 years manager for surf & wetsuit dept.
  • ZJ Boarding House in Santa Monica - 2 years surf & wetsuit dept.
  • Val Surf in North Hollywood- 5 years surf & wetsuit dept.
  • TV Surf Consultant/stunt doubling 96-97 Stu Segal Production
  • 2006 Premeire Magazine Top private surf instructor in LA/OC, Vogue Magazine, 2008 People Magazine,Surfing magazine,Greg Behrendt show,LA Times,OC Register
  • Oceana Fundraisers- 2007 Make a Wave Project(Santa Monica), 2009 Project Save Our Surf-Surf event coordinator and Director(Santa Monica)
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